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FAA STC Nº FAA STC Issued Amended Appd Data Rev EASA STC Nº TCCA (Canada) ANAC (Brazil) Other STC SYSTEM DESCRIPTION MAKE MODEL INQUIRE; SA00237WI: 11/2/1994: Installation of a Bendix/King EFIS-40electronic flight instrument system. (C90A S/N'S LJ-1 thru: Beechcraft: King Air 90: Inquire: SA00596CH: Issued: Installation of Elliott Aviation ... Series instruments TSO'd and/or STC'd primary replacements order qualify installation certified... Signed Permission to Use STC Statement Copy of the appropriate STC (TCCA, FAA or EASA) and referenced documentsMOE COMPLIANCE CHECKLIST FOR EASA PART-145 APPROVED ORGANISATIONS (Based on EASA Part-145 and UG.CAO.00024-001) Name of the Approved Organisation Approval Reference Contact Name and Position in the Organisation First Approval Date Part-1 MAINTENANCE ORGANISATION DATA : : : : Part-2 MOE INFORMATION Document Reference Issue Number Revision/Amendment Number Date of Revision Reason For Revision ... K. STC’s & Modifications. List of all STC’s or other modifications on the A/C, engines, propellers or APU and any scheduled maintenance / airworthiness limitations / … related to the STC or the Modification. 5 Periodic review of the Maintenance Specifications content

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A Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) is an FAA or EASA approved major modification or repair to It also identifies the certification basis, listing specific regulatory compliance for the design change.
The TT31 STC includes 650 aircraft types. The current TT31 STC approval certificate can be found here – SA00744DE (H) The most recent AML expansion list can be found here – TT31 STC AML expansion GPS receiver included within the TT31 AML list are: GTN 600W or 700W series GPS navigators GNS 400W or 500W …
We specialize in design and certification of modifications leading to Airworthiness Approvals (TCCA, FAA and EASA STC's) for avionics upgrades, Flight Management Systems installations...
1702/2003. EASA has identified which TCs were automatically transfered from the NAA’s to EASA’s responsibility and has published this list on their web site. All products that are not transferred remain under the responsibility of the Member State. All U.S. products with a TC validated by a Member State prior to September 28, 2003,
STC •PSUs, Spacer Panels, Ceiling Panels, Sidewall Panels, Overhead Bins, Lavs, Galleys, Class Dividers, Windscreens, Installation Hardware, Seats •Boeing & Airbus •Started in 1988 as a FAA & EASA Certified Part 145 Repair Station •Part 21 & EASA POA Manufacturing & PMA Capabilities
The EAA's STC specifies out a Commercial Parts List, specifying part number 102778-000 (EFIS-D10A EAA Sales Kit), which is the super-set of acceptable components for installing a Dynon EFIS in eligible aircraft. This part is not orderable itself.
FAA ST04126AT EASA 10053816. EFB cfMount™ Installation/Astronautics Class 3 EFB System. 2910632K-1. Download. Airbus. A319/A320/A321. FAA ST03974AT EASA 10048791 CHINA-VSTC0655 Singapore AWI/STC/0082. ICG Iridium SATCOM. 21014232K-1.
Each of the following links will open the official EASA STC approval. You can check the relevant approved model list (AML) and GPS equipment within each STC. The EASA STC is available free of charge from appropriately qualified Approved Trig Dealers. This STC can be accessed from the Trig Dealer Portal, by qualified dealers.
The PH-SVG is owned by the Rotterdam Flying Club. Background:. 055 kg: all: granted (EASA) PA 28-161 Warrior II : 1. Wilson Air Center, Memphis Int’l. 1977 PIPER PA ...
In addition, we hold EASA Part 145 Approval EASA.145.7224 and our Quality Assurance system meets the requirements of CAR 573 and CAR 561. We also hold a Controlled Goods Certificate . MC2 maintains a progressive audit program to ensure that all company maintenance and manufacturing functions are verified within a 12-month period.
APPROVAL: EASA STC 10064794 (FAA STC SA02571SE) COMPLIANCE Optional PURPOSE This STC Service Bulletin provides notification of the initial issuance of EASA STC 10064794 Master Drawing List revision 1. This STC approves the installation of the G500/G600 TXi system into an Approved Model List (AML) of Part 23 aircraft, as listed on STC SA02571SE.
See the best & latest Stc Codes List on isCoupon.com. All of coupon codes are verified and tested rts to ensure completeness of this list. The list is updated on a weekly basis. All EASA STCs are...
ABC INTERNATIONAL has been granted by the EASA with the privilege to approve minor cabin change and to apply Supplemental Type Certificates (STC). We are able to perform an accurate Work-Scope analysis and assessment, to classify repair as major or minor and to approve minor repairs directly, providing low aircraft downtime.
Jul 15, 2010 · Latitude Technologies, a leading provider of satellite based communication, tracking and onboard aircraft data systems announced that their SkyNode S100-001 satellite based tracking/messaging device has received EASA Supplemental Type Certificate number,“10030644 covering Bell Helicopter Textron models 206, 206A, 206A1, 206B, 206B1, 206L, 206L1, 206L3, 206L4 and 407.
12/3/2020 StandardAero Announces 21,000th TFE731 Engine Overhaul and Other 2020 Milestones ...; 11/30/2020 Thales and StandardAero Successfully Achieve the Industry’s First 4-Axis Autopilot ...
EASA Technical Manual. How To Wind Three-Phase Stators. Failures in Three-Phase Stator Discounted Training Opportunity Looking for cost-effective education? Look to EASA for a limited time...
Последние твиты от stc السعودية (@stc_ksa). هذا الحساب أكثر روعة وأنت متصل على شبكتنا. للدعم الفني تواصل مع @stccare_ksa أو أرسل "ذاتي" لـ 900 #يلا_نروح_أبعد.
Apr 16, 2018 · Existing between FAA & EASA is a Bi Lateral agreement which includes STC Certifications The FAA was created in 1958 with the need to take control of aviation safety. With sole control of Aviation Rule Making including Air Navigation and Air Traffic Control.
ATL has received EASA approval for a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) to install ADS-B Out (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast Out) on Airbus A320 series aircraft. #STC #EASA #ADSB #A320 Reply on Twitter 1335660264503566343 Retweet on Twitter 1335660264503566343 Like on Twitter 1335660264503566343 1 Twitter 1335660264503566343

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Feb 06, 2018 · Tamarack Aerospace adds the CJ3/3+ to the list of approvals for Atlas. Tamarack Aerospace Group obtained U.S. FAA and European Aviation Safety Agency approvals for installation of its Atlas Active ...
easa stc – learjet 24/24a/24b/24b-a/24c/24d/24d-a/24e/24f/24f-a/25/25a/25b/25c/25d/25f/31/31a/35/35a/35a(c-21a)/36/36a/55/55b/55c/60
The EASA type rating and licence endorsement lists indicate whether an OSD FC document for a relevant aircraft exists. OSD FC documents are certification documents which are held and maintained by TC/STC Holder and are subject to Annex I to Commission Regulation No 748/2012 (Part-21) provisions.
A/C Type Manufacturer STC Number Issue date STC Owner 100 19/93 Installation of GPS Antenna Textron Aviation Inc. 26.05.94 74676 Scandinavian Avionics Design ApS 100 2030084-EO-01 ELT 406 minor change. AFM EASA.A.A.01118 Textron Aviation Inc. 10.01.06 74676 Scandinavian Avionics Design ApS 100 EASA.A.A.01118 AFM ELT 406 for minor change 2030084 ...
In addition, we hold EASA Part 145 Approval EASA.145.7224 and our Quality Assurance system meets the requirements of CAR 573 and CAR 561. We also hold a Controlled Goods Certificate . MC2 maintains a progressive audit program to ensure that all company maintenance and manufacturing functions are verified within a 12-month period.
Jan 19, 2015 · EASA Approved Model List (AML) Note: The following numbers are listed on the certificate: EASA current Project Number: 0010033199-001 STC APPROVAL —10051937 — i.P.
STC No. MAKE MODEL DESCRIPTION; ST00835DE: ... FAA CRS# S66R266N EASA# 145.5352 AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 Certified FAA PMA PQ4019CE DDTC Registered Dept. of State ...
‹‹ ›› Who We Are. STC International offers export and import courses using a hybrid model that blends conventional online instruction with live Review Sessions. The courses are designed to assist...
Jun 12, 2017 · Airforms, Inc. Awarded EASA STC Approval for Installation of High Strength Wheel Hardware on C208/208B Main Wheels. BIG LAKE, ALASKA | June 12, 2017. WASILLA, ALASKA, 2-June-17– Airforms, Inc. is pleased to announce it has received EASA Approval for a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) that allows the replacement of the standard AN5 wheel bolts and hardware on Caravan main wheels with high strength Mil-Spec bolts and hardware.
easa stc 10015659 faa stc st01518se stc easa.im.a.s.01636 boeing 757 ...
Model. Bell 206L Series. Bell 407 Series. AS350B3. EC130B4. EC130T2. EC135 Series. EC145 Series. AW139. S92. KingAir 300 Series
European Aviation Safety Agency Checklist for data package required by TCCA for validation of EASA Certificate/ Approval Data Package to be submitted for validation of an EASA Certificate/ Approval by TCCA in accordance with the Technical Implementation Procedure (TIP) TCCA/ EASA (7 October, 2013) Please note that in case of discrepancies between the checklist and the TIP, the TIP prevails.
Jet Aviation recently received EASA Supplemental Type Certification (STC) for ADS-B Out compliance for the B747 series aircraft, some 2 years ahead of EASA and FAA 2020 mandates. With this approval, Jet Aviation’s MRO and Completions facility in Basel is authorized to configure and install ADS-B Out systems on B747 aircraft subject to ...
Our free EASA STC and ADS-B STC AML (approved model list) is available via Approved Trig Dealers. It enables numerous aircraft to be legally configured using either a Trig TT31 or TT22 transponder...
easa stc 10014287 easa stc 10014364 tae125 piper aircraft inc. pa-28 (archer) ...

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